The All India Muslim Majlis-eMushawarat (AIMMM), as the apex forum of Muslim organizations and institutions of national eminence alongwith some well-known personalities, was established at a representative meeting of the community leaders held on 8-9 August, 1964 at Nadwatul-Ulema, Lucknow, inaugurated by Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi and chaired by Dr. Syed Mahmood. Apart from them, Mufti Atiqur Rahman, Maulana Abul Lais Islahi, Qari Mohd. Tayyab, Maulana Kalb-e- Abid, Maulana Minatullah Rahmani, Janab Mohammad Muslim, Maulana Jan Mohammad and Janab Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait played the key role.

Dr. Syed Mahmood was elected as its first President. Mr. M.N. Anwar, MP became its first General Secretary.

AIMMM has a long history of serving the community in its struggle to get equitable justice, for Hindu Muslim unity, defending its religious and legal rights and in formation of All India Muslim Personal Law Board; “AMU Action Committee” for restoration of its minority character in 1967; in struggle for Babri Masjid by constituting “Babri Masjid Coordination Committee” and in reaching communal strife areas and extending help to the victims with its limited resources.

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This photograph was taken during the visit of Mushawarat’s delegation to the state of Madhya Pradesh in 1966. (Photo Courtesy: Moulana Nizamuddin Islahi)

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