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Mushawarat President, Navaid Hamid, condemns brutal killings of innocents in Pulwama Dist. of Kashmir; demands resignation of Governor Satyapal Malik and adequate compesation to injured and to the families of deceased.

New Delhi:

All India Majlis e Mushawarat, the confederation of 18 muslim organisations and apex body of Indian Muslims, strongly condemns the brutal killings of innocent civilians by the security forces in Pulwama District of Kashmir valley.

The unfortunate tragedy of Pulwama in which dozens are injured and around ten innocents have lost lives according to reports. It is perhaps the first incident in which large number of innocent civilians were mercilessly killed or injured by the security forces since 1990. Earlier such incident had taken place when police had fired at funeral procession of Maulvi Mohammad Farooq in which dozens were killed but the then government was at least prompt to respond and remove Jagmohan as governor of state.

It is utterly shameful that union government has so far remained completely silent on this unfortunate incident and killings in Pulwama. It is appalling that the government is adopting double standards while dealing with protestors. We all have seen that how violent protestors had attacked police and other security personnel in Haryana agitation and at other places in past and more recently at Bulandshahar in U.P. It is our firm view that security forces should have exercised restraint while dealing with public anger in Pulwama, which is integral part of India too. Had such incidents had taken place in any other part of the country, the state government had collapsed but no body is there to shed tears for the innocents of the Kashmir who unfortunately are victims of both – the millitants and the security forces.

Since appointment of Mr. Satyapal Malik as governor of J&K, things had deteriorated and citizens are becoming restless because of vaccum in poltical space beside having other genuine reasons. As a former politician Governor Satyapal Malik has no right to continue in Raj Bhawan of troubled sensitive of J&K state and need to resign immediately.

The Union Government should immediately appoint Judicial Commission under serving High Court Judge to probe the tragic happenings in Pulwama District of J&K. We also demands that government should be sensitive in this incident and need not to waste time in announcing adequate compensations of Rs. 5 lacs to the severely injured with complete medical facility and giving Rs 15 lacs to the families of the innocent civilians killed in the tragedy.



Navaid Hamid

President, All India Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat


Press Release 17.12.18



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