Minutes of the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA) Meeting No. 4

(Mumbai, 16 October 2016)

The Fourth Meeting of the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (MMA) was held at Khilafat House, Byculla, Mumbai, on the 16th day of October 2016. Mr Navaid Hamid the President of AIMMM chaired the proceedings whereas the Secretary General Mr Mujtaba Farooq conducted its proceedings, which began with forty minutes’ delay from the scheduled time at 11.10 AM. As nine honorable members of the MMA were attending, more than the due quorum was present. The meeting was held in two sessions, i.e. the pre-lunch and post lunch sessions with a break from 1.30 to 2.30 PM and concluded around 6.00 PM.

The following members of the MMA and special invitees were present:

  1. Mr Navaid Hamid, President
  2. Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salfi, Vice-President
  3. Mr Mujtaba Farooq, Secretary General
  4. Mr Ahmad Raza, General Secretary
  5. Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Member
  6. Mr Nusrat Ali, Member
  7. Mr Masoom Moradabadi, Member
  8. Uzma Naheed, Member
  9. Hafiz Rashid Ahmad Chaudhari, Member
  10. Hafiz Syed Ather Ali, Newly nominated Member
  11. Mr Peshimam Ghulam Mohamed, Newly nominated Member
  12. Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan, Special Invitee and Delhi State President
  13. Dr SQR Ilyas, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  14. Mr Mohammad Ahmad, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  15. Mohammad Shoeb Koti, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  16. Mr Munawwar Peerbhoy, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  17. Mr Anees Durrani, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  18. Mr Shabbir Ahmad Ansari, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  19. Abida P. Inamdar, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  20. Feroze Khan Ghazi, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  21. Mr Kaliq Ahmad Khan, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  22. Mr Aamir Edresy, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  23. Mr Taj Mohammad Khan, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  24. Dr Syed Ahmad Khan, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  25. Mr Mohammad Waseem Khan, Special Invitee and Member MMM
  26. Dr Hameeda Naeem, Special Invitee
  27. Mr Sarfaraz Arzoo, Special Invitee
  28. Mr Abdul Waheed, Office Secretary

The proceedings were recorded as follows:

  1. Invocation: The meeting was opened with the recitation of holy verses of the Quran by Maulana Hafiz Sayyed Athar Ali.
  2. Release of the Mushawarat Quarterly Bulletin: While expressing his earnest pleasure, Mr Navaid Hamid informed that the latest issue of Mushawarat Quarterly Bulletin had been published in the last week under the editorship of Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan after a lapse of three years, which covers the period from January to September 2016.

On his request, Mr Nusrat Ali, the senior member of MMA and the Vice-President of Jamat-e-Islami Hind, released the issue for circulation and hon’ble members on the dais joined him in this formal act.

  1. Obituaries: Mr Mujtaba Farooq the Secretary General tabled an Obituary List of 21 eminent persons who died after the last meeting of MMA, held in Kolkata on 17 July 2016. Some more names were added by the participants. Prayers were made for the forgiveness and peace of the diseased in Hereafter. (Vide complete list annexed)
  2. Inaugural Remarks: Then, the Secretary General requested the President Mr Navaid Hamid to present his Inaugural Remarks.

At the outset, Mr Navaid welcomed the participants and informed that any formal high level meeting of the Mushawarat was being held in Mumbai after 40 years. He also briefed about the ancillary programs of the Mushawarat which were planned as a series from 13 to 17 October while coinciding with the meeting of the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla of the AIMMM, including meetings of women, businessmen, Dalit activists, local political leaders, representatives of different parts of Maharashtra and Ulma apart from a public meeting at a strategic point of the metro, called Nagpada Junction and press conference. He expressed his satisfaction, that through all these events the Mushawarat leadership had succeeded in connecting local people with the Mushawarat and in reading their expectations from this umbrella body of Indian Muslims.

He commented that in order to hide its failures on various fronts, the Central Government had been trying to divert people’s attention from them by manufacturing and raising non-issues and the latest in the series was the gimmick of Uniform Civil Code. Mr Navaid said that he joined the meeting called by Maulana Wali Rehmani the General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (and also the member of MMA of AIMMMM) in New Delhi on the issue of Questionnaire of Law Commission of India as regards Uniform Civil Code, in which the decision to boycott the initiative of the Commission was taken. He briefed about the Mushawarat’s efforts to counsel the Board for an effective handling of the pending Supreme Court case appertained to Triple Talaq and Polygamy, supposed to be prevalent among Muslims, by sending two letters to the Board’s President.

The President expressed his dismay on some members’ attempt to publically allege about the Mushawarat’s silence on recent violent developments in Kashmir through media and elucidated how he and the Mushawarat had timely responded to different events there causing to the ongoing standoff. He mentioned the Meeting on Dialogue in Kashmir, Joint Statement of Civil Society also signed by him, his statement on the occasion of Eid Milan of UP Mushawarat at Lucknow, recent resolutions of the MMA/MMM, the AIMMM press conference on the Kashmir issue, his tweets and debates in media and the like. He requested the participants to refer pertaining details in the just released Bulletin to have precise information about the Mushawarat’s responses in the context of public allegations. In the wake, he felt, such uncalled for allegations in public would only belittle working of the Mushawarat.

Then, he requested the participants to endorse the joint decision of Muslim organizations, including the Mushawarat; to boycott the Questionnaire of Law Commission of India and the attending members unanimously endorsed the decision.

The President also raised certain issues related to the Mushawarat Trust and talked about his letter to the chairman of the Trust in that regard, which was reportedly yet to be responded. Mr Navaid remarked that firstly there were reasons to think that the Mushawarat Trust in its present format could not be accepted by the Mushawarat, secondly if any amendment was done in it, then the incumbent president of the AIMMM should be its ex-officio Managing Trustee and the incumbent Secretary General should be made its ex-officio Trustee, thirdly the donors who donated more than Rs 50,000 in the building fund should be made its trustees and lastly the amount of relief fund transferred to the account of Mushawarat Trust should be returned to the Mushawarat itself, as even after more than six years it generally remained unconsumed in spite of dire needs sometimes. He appealed that proper decision should be taken by the MMA to ensure that the property and assets of the Mushawarat could be not only preserved well but also fully utilized for its enshrined purposes.

  1. Endorsement of the Minutes of the Last Meeting: After preliminary remarks of the President, Mr Mujtaba Farooq read out the Minutes of the MMA Meeting held in Kolkata on 17 July 2016 for confirmation. The members generally found the noting proper whereas Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan pointed out that the intent and content of the noting on the “General Budget of the Union Government” was ambiguous, and the Secretary General assured that it would be corrected after recalling the context. The members confirmed rest of the Minutes as presented.
  2. Action Taken Report: The Secretary General Mr Mujtaba Farooq verbally presented the Action Taken Report on the decisions of the last meeting. He submitted as follows:
    1. The Mushawarat has responded to the call for public inputs by the concerning cell of Ministry of Human Resource Development in the preparation of the National Education Policy 2016 within the stipulated time.
    2. On the issue of Triple Talaq, the Mushawarat has sent its second letter to the President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadvi on 4th October in which, after scrutinizing the concerning Affidavit of the Board, suggestions and recommendations were made by the Committee on Triple Talaq for rendering it even more unassailable. There was no response from the Board on the two letters sent by the Mushawarat.
    3. The Mushawarat has pragmatically taken up the matter of improving Dalit-Muslim relationship in the country and it is going to organize a national convention on Dalit-Minority Cooperation on 26-27 November 2016.
    4. He also informed that the AIMMM will hold an educational conference in association with All India Educational Movement within next few months.
    5. On the issue of recent unfortunate state repression in Jammu & Kashmir, the Mushawarat has timely acted upon and the pertaining details may be referred in the Mushawarat Bulletin.
    6. Instead of writing himself, the President requested Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan to prepare a note for Dalit-Muslim Dialogue. The same was prepared and circulated among concerning activists. The President also made the latter the convener of the proposed convention on Dalit-Minority Cooperation.
    7. The President of the AIMMM has written a letter to the Chairman of Mushawarat Trust for proper functioning of the two entities. While he was demanding re-registration of the Trust with those donors on its board who have donated more than Rs 50,0000 for the building fund and with the incumbent President as its Managing Trustee. He strongly felt that the balance amount of Rs 22,50,000 be transferred to the Trust by the resolution of MMA in 2009, should be transferred back to the AIMMM or its proposed reregistered trust.
    8. The process of formation of state committees of the Mushawarat in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal was underway whereas the process of reviving or introducing it in such states as Tamil Nadu, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharasthtra and Assam was underway.
    9. The expansion of the Circle of Friends of Mushawarat (CFM) was encouragingly going on and, till date, 32 CFM members and 2 Associates have given their annual contribution.
    10. The President has taken some steps for holding Youth Convention; however, the process is slow.
    11. The Mushawarat will hold its Awqaf consultation of Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal, now on a changed date, i.e. on 30 October 2016.
    12. The Secretary General wrote a letter to Dr Zafarul Islam Khan to handover the manuscripts of “Mushawarat Documents” to the AIMMM, to which the latter responded in denial.
  3. Discussion on Action Taken Report: A discussion followed on the ATR presented by the Secretary General and the following remarks were noted.
    1. Maulana Hafiz Sayyed Athar Ali suggested that the desired Youth Convention may be held in Mumbai under the aegis / support of a Member Organization, i.e. Association of Muslim Professionals, which has a good base among youths in Mumbai and most parts of Maharashtra.
    2. Mr Navaid Hamid suggested that the Mushawarat should also hold a convention of Muslim lawyers to sensitize them about their role in the legal defense of the Community.
    3. Mr Peshimam Ghulam Mohamed cautioned that the Dalit-Muslim Dialogue should have due follow up scheme, rather than being just ritualistically held.
    4. Mrs Abida P. Inamdar suggested the name of well known Dalit leader of Maharashtra, Mr Ratnakar Gaekwad, for his inclusion in the process.
    5. Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan informed that the convention on Dalit-Minority Cooperation has been conceived as a think-tank for future planning on the concerning issues.
    6. Mrs Uzma Naheed applauded the earnest services of Dr Zafarul Islam Khan for the Mushawarat and requested him that the preparation of “Mushawarat Documents” under his supervision was another kind of the genre and he should come forward for its publication under the aegis of AIMMM itself. In that regard, Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan suggested that a committee should be assigned to negotiate with Dr Khan for the “Mushawarat Documents.” Consequently, A committee based on the following members was formed to finalize things within a month: Mr Mujtaba Farooq (Convener), Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salfi and Mr Nusrat Ali.
    7. Dr SQR Ilyas and Hafiz Rashid Ahmad Chowdhari enquired what the object of the said Youth Convention was. Mr Navaid Hamid responded and said that it was required as a fulfillment of the constitutional directive to guide youth for their constructive contribution in society. He also reminded that such efforts were made by the Mushawarat in the past as well.
    8. Mr Masoom Moradabadi raised the issue of lesser participation of members of the MMA in the meeting saying that only 4 members were present and that the absence of many office-bearers and elected members of the MMA was noticeable. He also complained that the resignations of some office-bearers from their posts and a member from the organization were not reported to the MMA.

The President responded that one third members of the MMA, i.e. 9, were present in the meeting which was quite more than the required quorum. He also cited many previous instances of lesser presence of MMA members in Delhi-based meetings and said that it was a normal thing. As regards the mentioned resignations of Mr Amanullah Khan and Mr Samar Hamid as the General Secretaries and Mr Mohammad Jafar the former vice-president of the AIMMM as member, Mr Navaid mentioned that though they intended to resign but after his talk with all of them their insistence to accept the same was no more; hence, there was no need to inform the same to the MMA. Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi remarked that those who run community organizations know well that such office-bearers could be seen highly preoccupied and many a time they may not attend formal meetings but their cooperation without that was even more important. Dr SQR Ilyas suggested that the frequency of the MMA should be reduced from four in a year to just two per annum to make the participation of members comfortable, however, he was advised to send his proposal to the Constitution Amendment Committee for consideration.

  1. Statement of Accounts: The General Secretary (Finance), Mr Ahmad Raza, presented the Statement of Accounts from January to September 2016. It was based on details of income and expenditure and balance amount in cash or bank. According to the statement, an Income of Rs 9,04,115 was recorded as against the Expenditure of Rs 7,25,195, with a surplus collection of Rs 1,78,920. [It should be noted that members and well wishers of Bhopal, Kolkata and Mumbai spent quite significantly on holding MMA meetings and other programs on their occasions and, if that amount was also included, it would make us satisfied that the organization was also picking up well on the financial front.]


(A break of one hour for Lunch and Prayers was announced. And, the second session resumed at 2.30 PM)


  1. Major Issues for the Consideration of the MMA: The second session began with discussions on some major issues before the community and the nation, for their better understanding and due response by the AIMMM.
    1. National Education Policy

The Secretary General invited Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan to present the developments as regards National Education Policy.

The latter said that firstly the government formed TSR Subramanian Committee for drafting the ‘New Education Policy’, the report of which was later on thrown in the cold storage and somehow the government has come out with the idea of Inputs. In the light of the perspective emerged in a consultation on the “New Education Policy 2016”, organized by the Delhi State Mushawarat, he on behalf of the AIMMM had forwarded suggestions to the concerning department. He said that, at present, no concrete response of the AIMMM could be thought of in the absence of any draft of the Government on the NEP 2016. However, posing of the questions in the Input clearly indicate that the government was leading to frame a conservative, monopolistic and dogmatic policy which would require to be opposed by one and all, he remarked.

After a brief discussion on the issue, it was suggested that Mr Peshimam Ghulam Mohamed and Mrs Abida P. Inamdar should also be included in the Education Committee of the Mushawarat and it should take immediate action for proper response and reaction of the AIMMM as soon as the expected Draft National Education Policy 2016 is made public.

  1. Uniform Civil Code and the Case on Triple Talaq

On the issue of Uniform Civil Code, it was endorsed that the Mushawarat should follow the line of joint decision of Muslim organizations, including the Mushawarat, taken in a meeting, called by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on 11 October 2016 in New Delhi, to boycott the pertaining Questionnaire of Law Commission of India and it was made clear that the AIMMM would go on insisting that the Affidavit of the Board submitted in the Supreme Court of India, as regards Triple Talaq, should be made sound enough.

Mr Mujtaba Farooq read out the second letter of the Mushawarat to the Board followed by a brief discussion. As regards the issue of Triple Talaq, the participants expressed their dismay on the non-response of AIMPLB on the Mushawarat’s letters for improving contents of its Affidavit in the Supreme Court and resolved to wait further. Some members were of the view that the Board was not realizing the gravity of the issue and failed to make its stand look positive and progressive.

Dr SQR Ilyas commented that the Mushawarat should not expect any response from the Board. He also said that the Board should have included practices of other sects which do not accept triple divorce in one sitting as valid. He mentioned that the advantage of this would have been that if the Supreme Court decides to ban the Triple Talaq, its decision could have been interpreted as giving preference to one of ways of divorcing practiced within the Islamic society; whereas in the light of present Affidavit its decree would be widely considered as ban on Triple Talaq as such.

Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salfi expressed his unhappiness on the way the Board presented its Affidavit as representative of a particular section only, though the leaders and organizations representing Ahle Hadee and Fiqh Zafari have unreservedly supported AIMPLB on the issue, in spite of the fact they do not subscribe to the practice of Triple Talaq in one go, which the Board was expressly supporting.

Mr Mujtaba Farooq told that Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees had publically supported the AIMPLB’s stand on Triple Talaq in the interest of the Muslim community whereas that gesture was taken by certain quarters as compromise in the discreet stand of Ahl-e-Hadees and Jafari schools of thought, which was wrong. He remarked that it was the responsibility of the Board to mention the differing stand of these schools of thought of Islam in its Affidavit to the apex court.

Professor Hameeda Naeem said that the way scholars of Hanafee school of thought changed their stand on the eloping husband could be applied by the AIMPLB in taking stand on Triple Talaq to consider Triple Talaq in a sitting to be one. Advocate Feroze Khan Ghazi felt the need of mentioning the Quranic procedure of divorce in the Affidavit.

After discussion on the issue, it was suggested that Dr SQR Ilyas and Mrs Hameeda Naeem should also be included in the Committee on Triple Talaq.

  1. Kashmir Situation

Mr Mujtaba Farooq invited Dr Hameeda Naeem to present her assessment of the Kashmir situation. She said that Kashmir had been burning for the last three months and around 1000 persons have been blinded by the pallet guns and over 130 persons were killed by police and forces, while using 10 million pallets. She aguishly remarked that militarization of Kashmir has been maintained by deploying 4 lakh armed personnel there to make it a ‘natural order’. The police and forces have destroyed over 1,25,000 houses and arrested 15,000 youth, she informed. She analyzed the repercussion of PDP-BJP government in J&K, which was reportedly planning to settle 5,00,000 outsiders in the state under the scheme of homeless welfare. She went on to say that in order to further communalize local society, the Hindu organizations were developing 13 centers as ‘pilgrimages’. She was of the opinion that in order to deflect the questions emerging out of youth unrest in Kashmir, the government manufactured the “Uri attack” and created the war hysteria in the country. She proposed that the Mushawarat can take up three issues as regards the present standoff there, i.e. exposing violation of human rights, pressuring the establishment for dialogue and restoration of peace and advocating against the AFPSA and PSA as draconian laws.

  1. Babri Masjid Issue

On the request of Secretary General, Mr Khaliq Ahmad Khan briefed the participants on the latest position of the dispute on the Babri Masjid site. He recalled the sad demise of Mr Hashim Ansari a few weeks back and assured that his legacy of the struggle leading to justice for Babri Masjid would remain unabated. He informed that there are 8 Muslim parties in the Supreme Court, out of total 14, whereas Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Maha Sabha, which publically expressed its intention to start construction of Rama Temple on the disputed site the next month, was not included in the list. He said that any change in the status quo would call for contempt of the apex court and, thus, was not easy. Participants felt satisfied after listening him.

  1. Assam Situation

Advocate Hafiz Rashid Choudhari, a senior member of the AIMMM from Assam, briefed the participants about the situation that he noted to be emerging in Assam as regards the issue of infiltration, especially after the resumption of power by BJP in the state a few months back.  He also presented two resolutions for formulating the stand of the Mushawarat on the recent developments there titled ‘On Foreigners Issues’ and ‘On Eviction of the Muslims from Government Khas Land’, which were subsequently adopted by the participants, which deals with the issues of D-voter, eviction and national citizenship record register.

  1. Imposition of Surya Namaskar in Municipal Schools of Maharashtra

Mr Peshimam Ghulam Mohamed informed the participants about developments in Maharashtra as regards the imposition of Surya Namaskar in Municipal Schools. He explained that the local Muslim community had decided, after knowing about the intentions of the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, to withdraw Muslim students from municipal schools and make alternative arrangements for their education and to take precaution against any polarization in society. He informed that the Commissioner had assured that the decision of Surya Namaskar would not be implemented.

  1. Mushawarat Trust: The Secretary General read out the letter of the President of the AIMMM to the Chairman of Mushawarat Trust and briefed the members about the background developments leading to discord and trust deficit between the present and past leadership of the Mushawarat and sought a solution. The letter was self-explanatory and contained three basic things; firstly the trust deed of Mushawarat Trust does not show any relation of the AIMMM with it, secondly the legal claim of the present building of the Mushawarat rests with the AIMMM rather than the Trust and thirdly the huge funds of about Rs 22,50,000 transferred from the AIMMM account to the Trust account six years back largely remained unutilized since then and should be returned to the Mushawarat.

The members discussed the matter in the light of presidential remarks and contents of the said letter.

Mr Navaid Hamid let the members know about the background of the formation of the Trust to protect the property and assets of the Mushawarat but its Trust Deed was defective in linking the AIMMM with it in the succession of its Trustees which rendered it to be a separate and independent body. He also remarked that the way the money transferred to the Trust may cause some serious consequences for it and apprehended that large amounts of Trust Funds would be disbursed in the name of relief by next few months.

Dr Zafarul Islam Khan mentioned that during his tenure as President of Mushawarat it was not an issue and it was formed for the safety of the properties and assets of the Mushawarat and that the money was transferred while following due process. He said that undoubtedly the existing building was the property of the Mushawarat and the matter could be tackled amicably rather than creating an environment of suspicion.

Mr Mujtaba Farooq appreciated contributions of Mr Sayed Shahabuddin for the Mushawarat and also his honesty, sincerity and integrity and said that due to his progressing age, unsound health and some kind of misunderstanding, his relationship with the present leadership had become uneasy for last few weeks. He further remarked that the mentioned suspicion was created due to locking of a room in the Mushawarat building by a former President of AIMMM and the present Managing Trustee of the Mushawarat Trust, which happened to be used by the Executive Secretary for a while. The Managing Trustee had also tried to disallow programs of the Delhi State Mushawarat in the meeting hall of the Mushawarat building, he went on to say. He also said that the President of the Mushawarat should have control over the funds of Mushawarat, i.e. its Trust.

Dr SQR Ilyas was of the opinion that the Mushawarat Trust should not act as anything parallel to the main body and suggested for the formation of a committee to settle the matter; and, consequently, a committee was formed based on Ml. Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salfi (Convener), Mr Mohammad Jafar, Mr Nusrat Ali and Mr Anis Durrani. It was also resolved that the Trust should be prevented from spending any amount from the Trust Fund. This committee was requested to submit its report within one month.

  1. Nomination of Two Members in the MMA: While using his constitutional right, the President Mr Navaid Hamid announced nomination of Maulana Hafiz Sayyed Athar Ali and Mr Peshimam Ghulam Mohamed in the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla as its member for the current term and the participants welcomed the move.
  2. Resolutions: Draft resolutions were presented by Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan, the Executive Secretary, based on several issues including: Political Situation, Communal Situation, National Education Policy 2016, Imposition of Uniform Civil Code, Triple Talaq, Kashmir Situation, Babri Masjid Dispute, Middle East Situation and Saudi Bombing on Yemen and the same were adopted after some minor modifications. On Assam Situation, the two resolutions of Mr Hafiz Rashid Choudhari were accepted.
  3. Mushawarat’s Stand on Kashmir:

While discussing on the resolution on Kashmir Situation, Dr SQR Ilyas raised the point that the President of AIMMM, Mr Navaid Hamid, averted the stand of Mushawarat on Kashmir issue in his public speech a night before at Nagapada Junction in Mumbai, saying, “Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.” Mr Nusrat Ali responded that the President had not said those words in the public meeting. On this, Dr Ilyas remarked that he read this in some newspaper.

Mr Navaid rejoined what he said in his presidential remarks was, “If Kashmir is ours than Kashmiris are also ours. Persecution of Kashmiris should stop. The Modi government has given ‘Live Martyrs’ by using pallet guns. Modi has tweeted on Eid to greet Muslims but I tweeted back to him that there is no point in his greetings when Muslims of Kashmir were not allowed to offer Eid prayers.”

On this clarification, Dr Zafar Islam Khan intervened and said, “I have been President and Working President of the Mushawarat for a period of six years and I can affirm that the AIMMM has never been of the view that Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.”

Mr Navaid rejoined, “I recall that Syed Shahabuddin drafted a joint statement during his tenure as the President of Mushawarat, signed by many dignitaries, and later on published in Muslim India in 2003, which clearly endorsed the stand I have mentioned.”

  1. Closing Words of the President:

There being no other item on the agenda, the meeting was closed with the departing remarks of the President. Mr Navaid Hamid stressed that the Mushawarat is a collective mission (Muttahda Caravan) of Indian Muslims and its members and associates should work together while resolving whatever differences that could arise in its journey forward. He also felt the need that more and more organizations should join or to be persuaded to do so for transforming it as an umbrella body of Indian Muslims in real sense of the term. He informed the participants that his interaction with a large number of people had made him attentive that there were increasing expectations of the community and the nation from the Mushawarat which called for diehard efforts on the part of Mushawarat members towards fulfilling them. He once again appealed to take pledge afresh to work together.

  1. Vote of Thanks and Dua: Mr Aamir Edresy conveyed, on behalf of the Reception Committee, its gratitude to the Mushawarat leadership for holding the meeting of the MMA in Mumbai and to provide an opportunity to different sections of society having interaction with its top leaders. He reported that all ancillary events on the occasion from 13 to 17 October brought these sections closer to the organization and both would get mutually benefitted in future, which included Women’s Program, Dalit-Muslim Dialogue, Political Leaders Meet, Muslim Businessmen Meet, All Maharashtra Representative Convention, Public Meeting on Sada-e-Ittehad, Ulama Meet and Press Conference. He also let the members know about the wide media coverage of different events organized under the aegis of the Mushawarat in the metro.

Mr Mujtaba Farooq thanked the participants of the meeting and the local team, which supported holding of the MMA meeting and other events in Mumbai.

The meeting ended with the prayers led by Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahdi Salfi.


Mujtaba Farooq

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