All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat

Markazi Majlis-e-Amla, Sunday, the 22 October 2017

Hotel President, Vadodra-Guajarat


On Political Environment

The All India Muslim Majlis Mushwarat (AIIMM) has voiced its strong concern, from time to time, over growing culture of intolerance, threat and intimidation and stated that it has  made  law and order situation vulnerable and critical. The country is at critical crossroads and threat of vengeance alarmingly increasing. Recent killing of liberal journalist Gauri Shankar is a glaring example that extremist forces target their opponents at will and no one is there to take actions against them.

Communal   and extremist forces are indulging in violence and hatred campaign against rationalists, secular forces. Minorities, Dalits and weaker sections of the society are routine target of their hate campaign. Controversial and provocative statement by Sangeet Som and Sakshi Maharaj are aimed not only to vitiate the social harmony and serve divisive political agenda of the forces of hate but is also a systematic and planned attempt  to divert the attention of the public from the all round failures of the BJP led Modi government . Instead of focusing on good governance, campaign of hatred has been stepped up by the leader of ruling Bhartiya Janata Party. The World acclaimed tourists attraction and architectural marvel Taj Mahal which has been described as blot on Indian culture’ depicts mindset of rabid communal and bigot mindset. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s Ayodhya mission is aimed to divert attention of the people from main issues of unemployment, development and hunger besides plight of farmers and small scale industries.

The RSS  game plan is to convert India into a fascist Hindutva Rashtra, which has nothing to do with Sanatam Hindu dharma, and for that its affiliate groups have launched all out efforts to realize the nefarious agenda of converting a plural India into a fascist state.

Educational system is facing wrath of books. Educational system getting saffron colour with each passing day and attempts are being made to distort history by re-writing history books to glorify leaders of the radical organization, which had no role in the freedom struggle. A systematic campaign to tarnish image of Mahatma Gandhi founder of the nation is being launched on social media by the foot soldiers of the Sangh Parivar.

Therefore, the National Executive of AIMMM joins millions of the country’s plural voices in expressing its deep anguish over the growing deterioration of law and order and environment of intolerance prevailing in the country and urges all patriotic secular forces to work jointly to save democracy and country at large before it’s too late.

AIMMM also appeals all political parties to realize the dangers of politics of violence of the fascist forces whose sole and ultimate aim is not only to terrorise all political opponents but also to create an environment of communal polarization and push the country to an anarchist state.

On Deteriorating Economic Situation

All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushwarat express its deep concern about the country‘s deteriorating economic situation that has resulted into all round job loss and slow downing of the economic growth. Demonetization and GST had delivered body blow to the middle class and poor people and rendered millions of people jobless, besides closure of lakhs of small scale industries.  Almost all import sector have suffered due to wrong economic policies of the Modi government. Unorganized sector as well as small traders has been badly hit. The country’s economy has transitioned from a state of policy paralysis to one of investment paralysis. If corrective measures are not taken it will have disastrous consequences in long run.

Therefore, the AIIMM strongly feels that spiraling bad loans, rolling out of Good and Services Tax (GST) and demonetization of high value currencies have affected the economy badly.

The business structures built over seven decades was replaced abruptly and  the new systems was not up and ready to take over. The government erred in the execution of new policies without making proper planning. This caused resentment among the people. Sensing the mood of the people the Modi government realized that the state of economy, which is in a bad shape will affect its electoral fortunes in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh which are going to polls later this year. Panic button was pushed by appointing Economic Advisory Board. But it is too late and too little and nothing concrete and positive is expected to come out from this panic reaction.

It is also a matter of grave concern that India has slipped from 55th place in the year (2014) to 100th place in 2017 in the ‘Global Hunger Index’ during Modi regime. The rank is continuously slipping with each passing year and the common man is feeling the heat of the disastrous economic policies the Modi government.

The AIIMM demands that   the government should focus on pro-poor measures rather than helping corporate sector.

Also the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have lowered economic growth of India and this is a worrying factor. The Reserve Bank of India and the mid-year Economic Survey also predict economic gloom.

In the context of a subdued economy, even senior BJP leaders like former Finance Minister Yahwant Sinha and former Investment and Communication Minister Arun Shourie  lambasted the government for its wrong economic policies and programmes. Both leaders felt that present system is helping corporate sector and rich businessmen. It is because of that farmers are facing worst situation. There problems got further compounded by ban on cow slaughter. The farmers have no finance to sustain cows when they stop mulching and agrarian economy is going to collapse soon or later.

The economic growth has also been affected by rise of communalism in the country. Incidents of lynching and rise in communal incidents prevent foreign investors to make huge investment in various sectors. It has been observed even Indian businessmen look for foreign countries for investment outside India rather than investing in the country.

On Cow Vigilantism

Cow vigilantes’ criminal activities remain unabated. Despite Prime Minister Modi’s  repeated condemnation of  cow vigilantes illegal activities,  no punitive actions is being taken against them as  the state administration of BJP ruled states extend tacit support to members of Sangh parivar who have killed dozens of people in the name of cow protection. Mob lynching has become common and no corrective measures are being taken to stop this brutal act. Mob lynching was prevalent in medieval ages and practiced by ruthless rulers .But if such acts happen in a country like India which boasts of being largest democracy in the world is a shameful act.

The AIMMM had highlighted this issue several times in the past and demanded actions against those who indulge in mob lynching or killing innocents under various pretexts. It is irony that the law enforcing authorities are mute spectators to these brutal killing. In certain cases they have filed cases not against culprits, but against the victim states. It appears that the government is trying to hit minorities and Dalits economically by imposing ban on sale and purchase of cattle in open markets.

On the Question of Beef

The BJP has adopted double standards on the emotive issue of Beef. Party’s Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parikar assured his party colleague that there would be no dearth of beef in his state and its supply will continue. Similarly BJP exempted North eastern state from beef ban as its has political ambitions to take over entire region. Leather industry with which millions are also affiliated, is also getting badly affected by the new restrictive regime of the BJP government. It is a fact that government may lose billions of dollars in export. The only aim of the government seems to harm – financially and economically, not only Muslims but other weaker sections including Dalit community which are affiliated to the industry in large numbers. Because of the faulty Beef policy, agrarian economy is the worst sufferer and reports are coming that farmers have stopped.

Therefore the AIMMM strongly demands a review of the beef related policies and renewal of the licenses to abettors where buffaloes can be slaughtered in safe environment, legally.

On Mushawarat documents published on eve of Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The National Executive of AIMMM is surprised and shocked over the language of the letter of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, former president of AIMMM sent to Mr. Mujtaba Farooq, Secretary General of AIMMM, on the issue of returning Mushawarat documents to AIMMM, in which Mujtaba Farooq has proposed name of Justice Suhail Ahmad Siddiqui as Ombudsman to resolve this contentious issue between Mushawarat and Dr. Zafarul-islam Khan. Mushawarat wish to remind Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan that Mushawarat is legal owner of the documents which Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan (as president of Musawarat) had collected and published on the event of Golden Jubilee Celebration with copy rights given to his publishing house M/s Pharos Media without any authority from AIMMM.

It is surprising that instead of utilizing the funds collected on eve of Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan is defending his unethical stand citing paucity of funds, whereas around Rs. five lacs were left unspent during Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The Executive Committee of AIMMM Appeals to Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan once again to return the documents to Mushawarat which is legal custodian of all Mushawarat properties collected and converted into assets by its office bearers or members and reminds Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan that all the documents which he got from any source, were given to him as President of Mushawarat and not in his individual capacity or to owner of any publishing house and nor he had requested any well wisher of Mushawarat to contribute or handover documents of historical importance related to Mushawarat to his family’s publishing house.

On Kashmir Situation

The security situation in Jammu and Kashmir has become from bad to worse  as the government is clueless as how to  address the problem. The centre’s high handed policy has further alienated the people and caused distress.  People are fed up with the performance of the coalition government headed by Ms Mehbooba Mufti. Security forces crackdown have been norm and rallies and protests are being held by people almost regularly.

Even as Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently stated that the centre is ready to enter into dialogue with all stakeholders, no serious effort is being made in this regard. Channels of communication have remained closed. The valley is also facing phenomena of braid chopping that has caused unrest.

Several senior BJP leaders like Mr. Yashwant Sinha, has made impassioned appeal to Prime Minister Modi to initiate dialogue with the separatists and other groups to  help in restoration of peace in the restive valley but nothing moving in right direction. Curfew and bandhs have become norms. Government is not even heeding to the pleas of the security apparatus who have been constantly briefing policy makers in North Block about finding a political solution in the state.

Malicious propaganda crafted by the Sangh Parivar is being unleashed by some channels of electronic media has made the situation worse. Every Kashmiri is being dubbed as Pakistaniand anti national in a systematic manner by these channels and some policy makers in Delhi. There is total mistrust which needs to be removed. Growing unemployment in the state of J&K has also greatly contributed to the problem. Tourism has been badly affected, thus affecting economy of the people. The main thrust of the Modi government seems to prolong the crisis in the state to address its vote bank at national level at the cost of lasting peace in the state.

AIMMM urges the government to immediately start a meaningful dialogue with all stake holders in the state without further delay. Mushawarat also urges the government to handsomely compensate the victims of pallet guns who have lost their eyesight and provide free educational opportunities to children and other young students who have been victims of the fraudulent use of the pallet guns.

On SC Judgment on Instant Triple Talaq

The AIMMM sees with concern the recent judgment of SC on Instant Triple Talaq in which on one hand possibility of any kind of amendments and change in Muslim Personal Law has been ruled out, on the other the instant triple talaq has been declared illegal. AIMMM consider it as a clear interference in Sharia. As is obvious, the instant triple talaq is a part of Islamic Sharia. On this sensitive issue, there is a difference among schools of thoughts that triple talaq given in one sitting is considered one or thrice, in Islam, but it can’t be rejected fully. Therefore, declaring it illegal is in contravention to the freedom of practice upon religion provided in Islamic Sharia and constitution of India.

The Executive Committee of AIMMM also feels that there is a dire need to bring a momentum in the movement of social reforms at all levels and to perform this task in a planned way so as to eradicate the social evils and also need to educate Muslims on the issue of proper ways to give divorce.    .

On Rohingya Persecution & Genocide by Myanmar

The Mushawart condemn the Myanmar government for carrying out ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, who are subjected to torture, gang rape and murder by security forces as well as some Buddhist terror groups. Mushawarat sees this unfortunate incident with deep sadness as the basic fundamental foundation of Buddhism is peace and love.

More than half a million hapless Rohingyas have been driven out from their homes in Rakhina province and they were forced to take refuge in Bangladesh and other nations as far as in countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia beside in neighboring countries. So far over half million Rohingya have reached Bangladesh and most of them are without shelter and basic amenities. Tens of thousands spend nights under open sky as scores of their settlements are burnt in Myanmar and they are forced to flee from their homes.

The United Nations and International Community though had condemned the Myanmar regime and Nobel Peace Prize leader Aang Sang Suu Kyi for remaining spectator to the plight of the famished people but lot needs to be done. As it is matter of concern that the international pressure on the Myanmar regime had so far no impact and Rohingyas continue to flee to safer place in neighboring countries some concrete steps needs to be taken urgently to help the persecuted Rohingyas of Myanmar which can act as a deterrent for the Myanmar regime to stop the genocide of Rohingyas. It is a shameful that Suu Kyi who won Nobel Peace Prize for raising her voice against the military dictatorship, is hand in glove with the military in torturing Rohingyas and driving them out from Myanmar.

AIMMM strongly urges international community to severe all commercial and military relations with the sectarian Myanmar regime and also urges UN to impose trade and military sanctions on the Myanmar government and its military officials.

AIMMM also urge the Indian government to play its historic role of extending help to the most persecuted community and extend its humanitarian help with open heart to the Rohingyas living in India and in Bangladesh.

Over Forty thousand Rohingya are in India and most of them are living here for several years. India is the largest democracy in the world and as a leading member of the world community it is the moral duty of the Modi government not only to protect these refugees but also take up the issue with the Myanmar government and also to consider their plight on humanitarian ground. It’s a matter of great concern that against the historical ethos of Indian culture there are voices coming from with in the government along with some other sectarian leaders of RSS Parivar who are continuously demanding deportation of Rohingya at a time when they have no place to go. This issue need not be seen through the prism of religion, but as a humanitarian problem. In this hour of crisis there is a need to help the Rohingyas and to work with the international community to end their miseries, and genocide.

AIMMM express its satisfaction over the stand of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) on the persecuted Rohingya Muslims and fully supports their demand for international sanctions and embargo against the Myanmar government. Mushawarat also appreciates the role of Muslim countries and their leaders particularly that of Turkey and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for extending all humanitarian help to the persecuted Rohingya community and is also thankful to the government of Bangladesh for taking huge responsibility of giving shelter to more than half a million persecuted refugees from Myanmar.

On Palestine

  1. On Unity Deal between Fatah & Hamas

All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat welcomes the unity agreement between two warring Palestinian’s Factions – Fatah and Hamas after a unity deal signed in Cairo recently and hopes that the unity of the two factions would not only fulfill the genuine aspirations’ of the Palestinians but also the united leadership of Palestinian groups would work to end the suffering and agonies of Palestinian in Gaza strip who are living a life of an enslaved population since last one decade because of the siege by Zionist Israel.

Mushawarat, also feels that this reconciliation will help in establishment of an independent Palestine state with Jerusalem as its capital.

AIMMM also urges the international community particularly UN to full field its all promises and implement its resolutions for the settlement of the Palestinian issue Muslim countries should also help the Palestinian administration financially to alleviate the suffering of the Gaza’s population which is facing worst humanitarian crisis.

AIMMM also commend the role of the Egyptian officials and others who were instrumental in reconciliation between two Palestinian factions.

It was not worthy to mention that it was long standing desire and demand of AIMMM along with other Indian Muslim Organisations to see unity and end of hostilities amongst all factions of Palestinians for achieving their desired goal.

2. On Palestine & India

It is highly regrettable that India is changing its stand on Palestine issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel  is testimony to the fact that India is no longer votary of Palestinian cause. It is for the first time for any Indian leader not to take any bold stand in resolving the Palestine issue and ignoring the Palestinian’s struggle.

Israel’s diabolic plan to construct Jewish settlements in occupied territories shows its intention. These acts are  in utter violation of the U N resolution, which advocates two-state formula. The Israeli administration has recently put restriction on worshippers for offering daily prayers in the holy Al Aqsa Mosque but was forced to remove these restriction under international pressure and heroic resistance by the Palestinians.

The US decision not to shift the diplomatic mission to Jerusalem is a welcome move but Washington needs to put real and meaningful pressure on Israel to give up its hard-line approach. The Trump administration appears biased against the Palestine as it withdrew from UNESCO when this world body legitimately conferred membership to Palestine. AIMMM feels its duty to remind the Trump administration that as long as Palestine issue remains unresolved there would be no peace in the Middle East.

Political Crisis in Arab region

Confrontation between Saudi led alliance and Qatar and also the Referendum for Independence in Kurd region of Iraq has created an anxiety in minds of Ummah across the globe.

Muslims world is already a divided house. Civil War in Syria, Yemen and other countries has caused death and destruction of millions. Millions of people have been forced to leave their hearths to take shelter at safer places. These people are facing bleak future while children suffer most as they become orphans and/or are deprived of education and proper health facilities. The United States and the west are trying to cause further conflicts in the Muslim world in the name of sects, region and ideologies. It is the duty of all peace loving Muslims and Muslim countries to work together and end military and political confrontation so that Ummah is able to face challenges unitedly.

AIMMM urges all parties in the Arab region to refrain from any military confrontation and resolve all disputes peacefully and through meaningful dialogue.

US on Iran Nuclear Deal

The AIMMM is deeply concern and condemns President Donald Trump’s decision and intent not to certify that Iran is complying with the conditions of the Nuclear Deal which it had signed with six leading nations of the world.

However, it is a matter of great satisfaction that Germany, France and Britain which earlier used to toe American line, in the international politics on contentious issues, had reaffirmed their commitment to honor the Iran Nuclear Deal and Mushawarat consider this as an important development and a severe setback to the United States aggressive policies for the Persian region.

The unrealistic and irrational stand by the trump administration on Nuclear Deal seems to have been taken keeping the Israel’s interest which indeed is not only usurper of the Arab lands, but also the only country in the region which has a long history of flouting the UN resolutions from time to time and has developed nuclear arms secretly.



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