Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA)

Minutes of Meeting No. 2

(Bhopal, 17 April 2016)

The second meeting of the Central Executive Council of AIMMM, i.e. Markazi Majlis-e-Amla, for the term January 2016 – December 2017, was held in Bhopal under the chairmanship of Mr Navaid Hamid, the President of AIMMM. Mrs. Uzma Naheed recited from the Quran to begin with. Mr Mujtaba Farooq, Secretary General conducted the proceedings. Welcoming the participants he said that this meeting was scheduled to be held in Ahmadabad but due to some unavoidable circumstances it was shifted to Bhopal. He thanked Mushawarat Members from Madhya Pradesh for hosting the session. Then, he read out the obituary note. The participants paid tributes and prayed for personalities who departed after the last meeting. The condolence resolution was adopted accordingly and prayers were made in favor of the deceased.

Then, the Secretary General readout reports of first meetings of MMA and MMM held in Delhi on 31 January 2016. Dr Qaisar Shamim presented the report of the consultative meeting on Waqf issues held on April 3, 2016 at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. He was the convener. Members suggested some modifications, which were duly incorporated and finally reports were endorsed.

Mr Akhtar Husain Akhtar wanted all resolutions passed in last meeting be attached with the reports. The President pointed out that since the resolutions were adopted in the meeting of MMM, hence will be presented in the MMM’s meeting only.

  1. Presenting the ATR on the resolutions passed in January, the Secretary General informed that as the follow-up of the proposal, a consultative meeting was organized on the issue of Minority Character of AMU on 2nd February and was attended by representatives from seven cities. It was felt during the meeting that this was not a matter pertaining to Aligarians or Muslim Minority only. Keeping in view wider concerns of safeguarding constitutional rights of minorities, it was proposed that other minority communities should also be invited for the consultation. Following this, the office-bearers held meetings with the representatives of Sikh Gurudwara Parabandhak Committee and Dr John Dayal, the eminent leader of Christian community, who expressed their deep concern on the issue.
  2. In an effort to bring prominent Muslim organizations in the fold of AIMMM, the President and the Secretary General called upon Maulana Arshad Madni of Jamiat Ulma-e-Hind (JUH) in Deoband. The Maulana said that Executive Committee of the JUH had passed a resolution in 1965 to the effect that no member of the JUH was allowed to join the AIMMM. In this regard the two leaders of the Mushawarat impressed upon him to reconsider the decades’ old stand of the JUH. The Mushawarat also wrote him a letter as follow up.
  3. During the Deoband visit, the President and Secretary General also held consultative meetings with Maulana Mohd. Salim Qasmi, Maulana Mohd Sufyan Qasmi and Hafiz Mohd. Aasim Qasmi as regards making the AIMMM more effective, assertive and representative.
  4. The President Mr Navaid Hamid and Mr Abdul Rashid Agwan met Dr Manzoor Alam, the Secretary General of All India Milli Council, to invite him to join the Mushawarat. Subsequently, a formal letter was also sent to him. Meanwhile, Tameer e Millat and some eminent personalities, who agreed to join or rejoin, have already been accorded membership of AIMMM.
  5. Regarding finances, Mr Navaid Hamid informed that since January 15, 2016, more donors have joined the “Circles of Friends”. He said that more efforts were carried out on this front. At this juncture the statement of accounts for the last three months was presented and passed by the house.
  6. Former President Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Mr Masoom Muradabdi and Mufti Ataur Rehman Qasmi in a joint letter to the President Mr Navaid Hamid have drawn his attention on 11 issues. The letter was presented in the MMA. The members gave their opinions on each point as summarized hereunder:
    • Mr Navaid Hamid said that Dr Khan had raised many objections on our working but he published the Mushawarat Documents as his personal property, which was inappropriate. During the discussion, the participants were of the opinion that the status of the Mushawarat Documents should be as official, hence that should be under the possession and proprietorship of AIMMM, even if Mushawarat had to pay expenses incurred upon it.
    • The participants were of the view that the former President should not raise trivial issues.
    • Mr Navaid Hamid expressed his regrets that Dr Anwarul Islam, a member of the MMM urged the invitees to stay away from the Aligarh consultative meeting. He wanted the Delhi Old Boys Association (DOBA) to boycott the meeting on the plea that “Mushawarat has no locus standee on the issue”. He said that this was disclosed by Mr Irshad Ahmad, the President of DOBA and his General Secretary during consultative meeting in the office of Mushawarat. The members condemned the attitude of the member and asked to draw his attention.
    • The meeting also discussed the question whether a member can make a public statement in his capacity as MMA member? In this connection he referred the hard hitting joint statement of Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Mufti Ataur Rehman Qasmi, Mr Masoom Moradabadi and Dr Tasleem Rehmani on the issue of Sufi Conference. He said that instead of helping our efforts to develop proximity with all sections of Millat, this statement had resulted in more discord with a group of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat. The consensus opinion was that the making of such a statement was improper for MMA members and this should be stopped. Accordingly, all members were advised not to issue statements to the press as a Member of AIMMM, while expressing their personal views. Instead, he should draw attention of office bearers to make a statement on any issue one thinks important. Mrs. Uzma Naheed suggested that to control it, disciplinary action should be taken. Mr Navaid said a disciplinary committee should be constituted.
    • Mr Sheikh Manzoor Ahmad and Mr Nusrat Ali opined that the AIMMM is a federal body and there is a need to create mutual understanding. Hence, there is no need of Disciplinary Committee and action.
    • Akhtar Husain Akhtar said that only media in-charge should be authorized to issue statements to press and for this a three member committee should be constituted. Mr Mujtaba Farooq was directed to convey the members that their statements regarding Sufi Conference were not considered appropriate.
    • Mr Umar Farooq Khatani said that speaking against Mushawarat is breach of conduct and the MMA should take action against such persons.
    • Mr Sheikh Manzoor repeated his opinion that since we are a federation, there should be more flexibility.
    • Mr Syed Samar Hamid said I have attended several meetings of the AIMMM. This is a right forum and the demand of the time is that we narrow down our differences, come closer. He said there is no harm in difference of opinion. But, we should restrain to target a person in our criticism and getting indulged in character assassination.
  7. On April 2, 2016, a meeting was organized in the central office of AIMMM under the banner of “Dalit-Muslim Dialogue.” Well known Dalit social workers were among some 25 persons, who attended the meeting. There was consensus that joint strategy should be evolved for similar problems being faced by Muslims and Dalits.
  8. During the meeting with Dalit leaders, it was mooted to hold a conference at the occasion of 251st birth anniversary of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and a document should also be published on the “Dalits and Minorities; their constitutional rights and atrocities against them.”
  9. Uzma Naheed said that, at the moment, Dalits are with the BJP. Dr Qaisar Shamim said that Dalits do not make a single block; there are so many differences among them. Maulana Athar Ali said that there are 14 political parties of Dalits in Maharashtra. We should not bother about these differences and should invite all. Mr Navaid Hamid said that we should ask them for papers in the instead of giving speeches in the conference. Dr Shamim said that first an agenda must be chalked out and it should be clear what type of coordination we want with them, they have been persecuted for thousands of years; we should talk with them of political partnership. Mr Mujtaba Farooq suggested that first a note should be prepared to decide our stand and approach. It should be clear what to say or write. This should be decided by mutual consultations. Mr Anis Durrani said conference should not be called merely as a token. Maulana Athar Ali suggested that not only Dalits but other secular leaders should also be invited. Finally, it was decided that Mr Navaid Hamid will prepare initial note which will be circulated for in-house consultations.
  10. Mr Navaid Hamid instructed to present the joint letter of Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Mr Masoom Moradabadi and Mufti Ataur Rehman Qasmi. The members discussed each point raised in the letter and formulated following opinion on them:
    • MMA and MMM meetings out of Delhi: The members said that decision to this effect was taken in the interest of the organization in the meeting of MMA. The house favored continuance of the practice of holding meetings of MMA and MMM out of Delhi also. But, they agreed with the suggestions to hold a press conference and a public meeting at the places where the meetings were to be held.
    • Appointment of an office bearer before his membership is completed, is not constitutional: Mr Navaid Hamid reminded the house that this matter had already been discussed in the last meeting on 31st However, members said that the objection was valid. It should not be repeated in the future. When asked they opined against the removal of the person concerned from his position, as he had already been accorded membership.
    • Equal votes favoring four persons, two selected by draw, remaining two should have also been nominated: The consensus opinion was that it was not mandatory to nominate a person who could not be elected through prescribed constitutional procedure. So far as nomination was concerned, President is authorized to take a call. Nevertheless, he mentioned that all nominations were made after consulting the office bearers and as a principle it should not be objected. He explained after he received nomination proposal of Mr Nusrat Ali from a constituent organization (JIH), it was not considered appropriate to nominate another member (Prof. Mohd. Salim Engineer) from the same organization. By adding his name in nominations, representation of the organization was bound to go up which might be objectionable for others. Secondly, our constitution does not permit to nominate more than one person from one organization.
    • Representation of different Masaliks: Mr Navaid Hamid said we made all possible efforts to give representation to different Masaliks in Vice President’s posts. Maulana Kalbe Sadiq was highly reputed person among Shias. Earlier, there was none from Brelavi school of thought in the MMA. He told that Bohra leader Syedna Mufaddal was also contacted by him. He suggested nominating someone else as his representative but it was not considered proper. The participants endorsed his view.
    • Vacant positions of nominated MMA members and Vice Presidents: The President explained that our constitution has provisions to nominate to MMA and appoint office bearers, but filling all positions immediately is not mandatory. In the past, many positions remained vacant for the whole term, he remarked. We have kept some of them vacant purposefully to fill them as and when more eminent personalities or organizations shall join the AIMMM, they can be offered suitable positions in it. The participants supported his view.
    • Silence on important national or international issues: The President said that we have tried that no important development goes unnoticed. This may be checked out not only in Urdu media but also in English newspapers. Therefore, this is not a valid objection. The members were of the view that in the eventuality a member feels that President missed to notice an important development; he can draw his attention so that proper action could be taken in time. Members may also alert Sheikh Manzoor Ahmad, who has been appointed General Secretary (Media), directly or through the President.
    • Permanent special invitees: The President explained his point of view, but the house did not agree and was of the view that special invitees should not be made permanent invitees so that sanctity of the MMA remains intact. However, one or more persons may be specially invited as and when required, according to the issues to be discussed.
    • Posting of treasurer against the Constitution:  The president agreed to the objection raised in the letter and said the slip-up has been corrected. Now, Mr Ahmed Raza Qari is General Secretary (Finance) who was earlier nominated as the Honorary Treasurer. This point had already been resolved and cleared in previous meeting.
    • Status of Advisor to the President: The President agreed to the objection and said in future the advisor shall not be counted as office bearer; however the house unanimously endorsed appointment of Mr Syed Shahabuddin as ‘Advisor to the President’.
    • Nomination to MMA from non-elected members: It was agreed that Mr Navaid Hamid had frequently raised the issue of nominating defeated members to the MMA in the last term and his argument was that the President should not nominate a member to MMA, who was not elected for by the members. The house was of the view that basically Mr Hamid’s objection and argument he made in last terms were not justified. For his deviation from his earlier stand, Mr Hamid pleaded that this time there were large number of members in the fray. It was difficult to make suitable choice from those who were not contestants for the MMA. But, the objection raised by Mr Khan was considered justified. Mr Hamid also pointed out that, during his tenure, Mr Khan had nominated 9 of 10 from defeated members while this time the ratio has been 3 out of ten.
    • Many persons made members in short time with speed: The President said, to make members of the organization is constitutional right and prerogative of the President. Our effort is to bring more organizations and more good persons in the organization. The list of newly endorsed members may be scrutinized. However, members were of the view that absolute authority of the President in this matter requires to be reviewed. Until the constitution is amended properly, the President should use this right only in consultation with the office bearers. The President drew the attention of the house that all former Presidents used this right. Mr Khan himself has revealed in his article published in ‘Milli Gazette’ on 15th Feb that decision of merger of parallel Mushawarat was his individual and only after that he informed the MMA. Mr Anis Durrani and Mr Amanullah Khan were of the view that a committee should be entrusted to endorse new member’s entry. Some participants said only useful persons should be given entry.
  11. Mr Akhtar Husain Akhtar raised the issue of constituting committees after the declaration of the elections. He said that the state committee of UP Mushawarat, as constituted last year, was unconstitutional and should be dissolved at the earliest. The participants wanted to give attention on this issue. They were informed that the preparations were underway for elections of new team in Uttar Pradesh.
  12. Enemy Property Ordinance: Mr Akhtar Husain Akhtar was of the view that EPO may inflict immense damage to the community. The committee constituted to work on this issue should work hard. The Secretary General reacted to his suggestion that we need proper persons to man this committee. He invited Mr Husain to join it and also suggest suitable persons to be included in it. Accordingly, Mr Husain was given this responsibility.
  13. Triple Talaq: Uzma Naheed drew the attention on raging controversy on Triple Talaq. She said courts are delivering judgments irrespective to Shariah Laws. This is partly due to our own weaknesses. She complained that the AIMPLB is not giving due attention on the issue. Therefore, one committee should be formed to look into this issue and prepare a report. It was decided to constitute a committee comprising Mrs. Uzma Naheed, Mr Nusrat Ali, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi Salafi. Maulana Athar Ali will be the convener of this committee.
  14. In the last, some resolutions were presented and adopted after brief discussions.

In this session from members of Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA) M/s Navaid Hamid, Mujtaba Farooq, Amanullah Khan, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmed, Syed Samar Hamid, Nusrat Ali, Mrs. Usma Naheed and from special invitees Taj Mohammad (Mysore), Prof. Mateen Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr Syed Mehrul Hasan (Bhopal), Munir Ahmad Khan (Indore), Akhtar Husain Akhtar (Kanpur), Dr Nizamuddin (Indore), Abdul Ahad Khan, Umar Farooq Khatani, Syed Irshad Ali, Anis Durrani (Delhi), Dr Qaisar Shamim (Faridabad), Hafiz Athar Ali (Mumbai) and Maulana Umar Koti (Mumbai) attended.

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