The AIMMM was formed under the shadow of large-scale communal riots in Bihar and Orissa. The AIMMM Delegation had then toured the affected areas to give solace to the victims and to promote peaceful co-existence among communities. The AIMMM has been consistently engaged over the years in promoting communal harmony, Hindu-Muslim unity, national integration and inter-group reconciliation.

A non-political body, the AIMMM does not participate in elections but it has been guiding the Muslim community at the time of parliamentary or assembly elections with the objective of strengthening the secular forces.

At various junctures, the AIMMM leadership has played a decisive role in the formation of apex organization on critical issues, like the AMU Action Committee, the A.I. Muslim personal Law Board and the Babri Masjid Movement Coordination Committee but these bodies independently tackle specific problems in the light of the general consensus.

The AIMMM has played a constructive role in resolving critical situation such as those created by the VHP agitation against the Shahi Idgah Masjid, Mathura and Gyan Vapi Masjid in Varanasi,

Shia-Sunni dispute in Lucknow, large-scale detention of Muslims under TADA and later made POTA, Hate campaign against the Community and its basic religious institutions, the Masjids and the Madrasas, under-representation of the community in Legislatures, educational backwardness of the community, the official programme for the saffronisation of education, crises in the AMU, reservation for Muslims in public employment, particularly in the police and intelligence machinery and higher education, welfare and development benefits.

The Mushawarat had adopted a formal Dastoor in 1965; it was amended in 1967 and had some minor changes in 1987. It has adopted a new Dastoor in 2002.


Following persons have served as Presidents of the AIMMM in the past. 

Late Dr. Syed Mahmood

Late Mufti Atiqur Rahman Usmani

Late Sheikh Zulfiquarullah

M’lna Mohd. Salim Qasmi (1995-2000)

Janab Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP (2000-2007)

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan (2008-2009)

Janab Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP (2010-2011)

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan (2012-2015)

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